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Gateway builds ‍‍‍ long-term relationships with clients, employees and vendors, enabling us to maximize property performance in all respects.

Gateway is a privately owned Real Estate  firm that recruits, trains and supports real estate management, marketing, maintenance and accounting professionals with best-in-class technologies in providing institutional caliber property management services. The Company’s senior management team average more than 30 years of property management and engineering experience with world-class firms.  Gateway performs property management and asset management services for over 4,000,000 square feet of mixed assets which includes Class A office, retail, residential, higher education and high-tech facilities.‍‍‍

Senior Leadership Team‍‍‍

What we do‍‍‍

Gateway understands ownership goals and creates customized management strategies‍‍‍ for each property that are focused on ownership, clients and stakeholders.

About ‍‍‍the Firm‍‍‍

More than 20 years understanding ownership goals and creating ‍‍‍customized management strategies‍‍‍ for each property

Rebekah Snider, RPA®

Asset Manager

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Joseph Sorbet

Engineering Director

Anne Danhof, CPM®

Senior Portfolio Manager‍‍‍‍‍‍

75 5th Street NW, Suite 810

Atlanta, GA 30308

Natasha Brehm, PMIC®, CAM®

Senior Portfolio Manager‍‍‍

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Jamie Darcy, CPM®, CAM®

Senior P‍‍‍ortfolio Manager

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Catalina Alzate

Marketing & Communication‍‍‍s Director

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Harry Conley, CPM®,  LEED G.A.


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Andrea Carreno

Accounting Director